We Are Napa

Napa was born from sun, soil and humanity. Over 150 years ago, Napa Valley’s first winery was founded and we’ve been harvesting joy and warmth for people around the world ever since. Every Fall, since 1861, our wineries harvest their grapes and start the process of turning them into wine. It’s a patient process, one undertaken with respect for the earth and love for all.

This Fall, however, our annual joyous harvest season was met with loss. But the very fires that impacted our valley, ignited the fires of our community spirit. We came together as one family. Volunteers, many, who had lost their own homes, came to the aid of others who needed help. Napa restaurants fed the hungry. Napa hotels sheltered the homeless. They were difficult days. But together, we got through them. And together, we raise our glasses to an even brighter future.

Because together, we are strong. We are here. We are Napa.